Lean In to Love

I had planned on discussing my France fund, and the troubles of financing my trip the first week of January, but something horrible happened.

On January 7th, my cousin, Jimmie Carmack unexpectedly passed away. There are no words, only tears to describe, the sadness and devastation I’ve felt and observed over the past couple of weeks.

There is nothing you can do to prepare for anything like this. There are no drills. The only thing you can do is stop, drop everything, and be there to support.

The first responders are family, then friends who come armed with empathy, platters of sandwiches, love, and occasional lighthearted comments that ease the unbearable with a brief smile.

There are so many elements of this life that are artificial, superficial, staged. This month was a reminder to lean in to the people who will be the first responders, and cherish the ones who will bring the snickerdoodles and smiles.

His passing is one I will never understand.

I will miss you always, Jimmie.