SLO Whimsical

Wedding Season.

Oh, what a time to be alive.


This is a season of bride tribes, and also a time for bribes.

Yes, you read that right: Bribes, not brides.

After calling begging my  Spray Tan spot for an appointment on Friday, there was no room at the inn for me at both Los Angeles locations. I would be forced to resemble an uncooked turkey for my cousin’s wedding in San Luis Obispo on Saturday.


The Horror. (BTW I referred to San Luis, as San Looie Obispo). Really the horror.

I had two options Friday evening- Beg or bribe.

The latter had already failed, so I needed to take my negotiations to the next level.

I went to Sweet Lady Jane down the street, picked up a plethora of sweet treats and arrived unannounced at the salon.

“Hello. You may know me as Lisa Jones, your regular client. You may know me as Lisa Jones who is on the wait list this evening. You may know me as the client who has brought a box of sweet treats this evening. I have a wedding tomorrow. What can we do to fix this problem ?{slides yellow pastry box across the table}.”

“Someone just cancelled. We can take you now.”


Brownies create appointments at Bronzed Santa Monica.

J, and the now cooked turkey jetted off to SLO, but got stuck in some way too long traffic on the 101. It didn’t help our drive that I was staring at every photo from Pippa’s wedding, and couldn’t engage in chatting with the driver.

Prince George was scolded by Kate?


Food was the cue for me to become present, as Jordan had said he wanted to stop at a sandwich shop on the way.

Bell Street Farm.

Where do I begin?

I can’t.


Sandwiches are a passion of mine. We walked in and were immediately allured by the adorable farm chic aesthetic, but realized we had found the holy grail after a bite of the sandwich.

Sweet mother of pearl.

This sandwich transcends The Bay Cities, Godmother and the Larchmont Wine and Cheese Sandwich ( which I’ve been ready or die for the #4 since 02’.). If you are past Santa Barbara for any reason, you must immediately go here. Yes, you will not be looking out at a vineyard, but you will see many in your life, and there is only one sandwich like this.


Literally Kelly Clarkson’s “A Moment Like This” started playing after one bite.


The traffic+The awe of Bell Street caused us to be Fast and The Furious to the wedding. Literally did my make-up in the car, there was some swearing when the eyeliner piece happened, but we Tokyo drifted to the hotel and into an UBER.

The venue was magical.

Whimsical. Breath taking.


Congratulations to Ryan and Michelle, and thank you for including us in your special day.

We woke up on a wedding happiness high, and roamed SLO.


We ended up at a winery by 10am (yolo slolo) that was originally a school house in 1910. The name of the school was Independence and they even had the original sign and a desk in the tasting room. The woman serving us the wine told us the school bell had been stolen. Que lastima!



You could only imagine when Jordan and I went back to Bell Street for another sandwich (so nice we had it twice), and went down the street to an antique shop, and found the bell.


Take a look.

Regardless of if the bell was from Baileyana or not, I truly felt like Indiana Jones, when I walked into the antique shop tipsy AF and demanded the origin of the seller of the bell.


I immediately texted the woman from the tasting room (yes we exchanged numbers. She’s working in Napa for a very large vineyard) and told her of my findings.

Her response was not that of a Spielberg film, but regardless, I felt very Indiana Jones like. Raiders of Los Alamos.

Toss me my hat, and call me Giggles.