Otter Contagion

While everyone was at the Met on Monday, Moran and I created our own soirée with scrambled eggs and rosé.


 Ah, the life of luxury.

This has been by far the most relaxing part of my week, since I have served as an RN after Jordan and I were exposed to the plague.

The carrier: The otters.


“Hey otter, here’s some shrimp.”

“Hey Jordan, here’s the plague.”


Happier times with our new found carrier friend

Was it the otters who infected Jordan with a minor flu? We’ll never know.


We definitely cannot keep the pace we had last weekend with the John Mayer concert, and my roommates birthday AKA the annual pregame for May Madness.


After slow dancing in a burning room, we bopped to the original inferno, Shore Bar, guzzled some VT’s, then slowly ventured to the LBC towards the Aquarium of the Pacific.



The Otter Encounter was all shrimps and giggles until both of us woke up with a sore throat the next day.

Side Note- closed toes shoes are mandatory for the encounter.

Unless you want to make a stop by the Converse outlet across the street from the Aquarium (this was not by choice).


After taking a sabbatical from my home on Wilshire and Ocean, I was hoping to return to my stomping grounds, but it looks like I’ve been sentenced to an indoor Saturday, with the upcoming rainy weather.


Oh well. I’m banking on discounted rosé due to the inclimate weather.


BRB Bracing for May.