Kicking Rocks on the Cote D’Azur

One of the many struggles I have in life and especially on a vacation is the idea vs the reality.  This came full force on day three of the Southern leg of the trip.

We wanted to have a day of inland activities, so we ambitiously decided on the following:

  1. Browse St. Paul De Vence
  2. Stop @ the gorge
  3. Visit lavender fields & go wine tasting in Provence
  4. Hotel Du Cap for Dinner

Aren’t we chic?

St. Paul de Vence has long been on my list for one reason: Go to Colombe D’or. We did not, but we glanced over the gate to view the safe haven of where artists like Picasso, Monet, and Van Gogh (to name a few) all used to gather.

One day I will sit here, and Gigglés will also be added to the list of these great creatives.


After eating an abundance of pastries, we were off to the lavender fields with a stop at the gorge to sight see.

IMG_4437 10.23.44 PM

What we did not realize was the gorge was the Grand Canyon of France, and the lavender fields were nowhere near it.

We drove 2.5 hours to the main valley, and realized our lavender field dreams were gone with the wind.


Do not get me wrong when I say it was incredible.

I’ve never seen anything like the place before. And It was breathtaking, but it was not necessarily my vision.


Idea: I would be sipping rose, skipping through lavender fields with my boyfriend in Provence.

Reality: I was kicking rocks and dodging bees, on top of the French Grand Canyon. Hungry AF. Wearing a sundress.


I tried to let it go, even after we met a vendor at the top of the French Grand Canyon, who sold us the most amazing tapenade and sandwich, but I still couldn’t help but feel crestfallen that we would not be living my provencal fantasy.

Tired from driving on the winding roads (the Fiat was a manual BTW), we arrived at the bottom of the mountain silenced by the loss of a dream.

As we started to drive, I thought how rural and green this area was, and how it reminded me of somewhere I had recently been for a wedding. And then a thought came to me, we were in Provence.

Wine Country Provence. Holly hell.

I typed “vineyards” into google maps, and they all popped up.



We stopped at Chateau Saint Roseline  and the well known Domaines OTT (which until that moment, I had never heard of).



What is great about visiting these vineyards is the tastings are free.  Because you are out in the middle of nowhere, there is free wine to taste for your travels.

One more tasting, and we would miss our dinner at Hotel Du Cap.

We slid into our reservation, drank an overpriced glass of champagne, and watched the sun set on the yachts that lined the horizon.




My vision of lavender fields and Rosé was gone, and I am 100 percent fine with that because I gained a spontaneous moment on top of the French Grand Canyon I will never forget.