Cancer, can we not?

It started with a text on Friday morning.

One of those long texts, that I skimmed because it was early.

The words Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, chemo, radiation.

I held my breath.

Even though I had just woken up, this felt like a horrible nightmare.

I sat in bed, puzzled.

How? Now? What? Why?

I thought I would understand as I shuffled over to my Nespresso for my usual morning routine.

As soon as the espresso began to pour out, so did my tears.

What do I do?

Why is this happening to someone who is so young and literally in the best place in her life? Why, Why, WHY???

What do I do to support her?

Carms was on a 7am conference call (classic), so I immediately called my Aunt Meg, a breast cancer survivor, who now ironically works at the Cancer Support Community of Pasadena.

“Well hello Leesssaa! What are you doing calling me so early? I am sitting here with Katie in the kitchen. Lisa? What’s wrong?”

The tears had come after hello, and I sobbed.

Nicole. Nicole, has cancer.

More sobs. The ugly ones.

“Lisa, LISA! Cancer is not a death sentence. LISA!”

I responded with I know, but why is this happening? She is young, in the best place of her life, how can this be happening?

What do I do?

“You need to be strong. You need to be strong for Nicole.”

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 9.32.03 PMNicole is one of my best friends. She has stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer.

She found a lump in her neck while she was driving.

At first it felt like  a swollen lymphnode, to a bubble gum ball from a vending machine, and grew to a mini golf ball.

She’s 28 years old, got a new apartment in Marina Del Rey, a new job, and should be living mas RN.

Instead we are having Saturday conversations about egg retrieval, cold caps, hair loss, and implanting a port into her body.

Be strong- This plays my head whenever my brave warrior, Nicole shares the latest update of this unprecedented journey.

She is one of the strongest people I know, and is also competitive (she was captain of the cheer team and attended UCLA, K?)

She does not let anyone win ever- whether it comes to who can take the most tequila shots in Cabo, to beating this disease, Nicole will win.

Because she always does, and always will.



To donate to Nicole’s GoFundMe, click here