I knew nothing of this green state, other than the fact that I thought it was v granola and Birkenstocks were the shoe of choice (not my look).

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What I didn’t know is Oregon is the new Napa.


Forget Sonoma and head to Oregon for the true wine tasting feels. You and your Instagram feed (as well as your wallet) will not regret it.

We headed to Portland for a wedding (of course) and stayed at The Nines Hotel, for some eclectic Portlandia feels.

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Here’s the deal with the city of Portland: It’s sparse, new, and does not turn up. It’s a city, but when you roam the streets you get small town vibes.

With the new construction and glass apartment complexes, it can be hard to feel and find soul in the city. We found it, at Piazza Italia. In fact, we made reservations at a soulless restaurant, and ditched them after trotting past Piazza Italia’s street patio with loud patrons, bustling Italian waiters, and a glass case of alluring prosciutto (side note-Jordan refers to me as the prosciutto princess). 

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We fell into a Portland pasta coma.

We departed to Newberg the next day, where we passed countless cows and horses (which I still get excited by) and arrived for the wedding rehearsal.

Here’s the deal with Oregon- it’s rural. Like rural af. The state of Oregon, is not Portland. It’s farm country. Like tractors (which I also get excited by). 

We found an adorable restaurant in the town, where the first thing that greeted me was a cow skull.

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Post benedict and biscuit, Jordan fulfilled his groomsmen duties, while I relaxed at the luxurious Holiday Inn.

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Needed to get my exercise in. Couldn’t find the gym @ The Holiday Inn. Too distracted by the cinnamon buns.

The next morning, we departed from The Inn (Jordan scolded me for pawing at a cinnamon roll….) and headed out to the vineyards.


Sweet mother of pearl. If you want wine tasting feels head to the Dundee hills and Newberg.

We stopped at Bergstrom, (my favorite Oregon pinot) and enjoyed a lovely wine flight at 10am, then headed to Rain Dance Vineyards. 

I almost went into shock. Rain Dance Vineyards is a llama farm and tasting room. You’re able to feed the llamas while enjoying a flight of their Pinot Noirs. 

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The song playing in my head while all of this was taking place was “Heaven is a place on earth.”

After feeding my spirit animal, Gigglés also needed be fed so we headed back to Portland for some indulgence. 

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We ate at Pine Street Market, which is a mini version of  Grand Central/Chelsea Market. It’s cold af there so instead of our usual lunchtime meal of tacos, we had ramen.

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It was decadent, but not as decadent as Wiz Bang Bar, Salt and Straws soft serve shop.


While My jeans are tighter, I didn’t feel like a peasant on my flight home because the prices are perfection. 

The greatest hits: 

Hotels- Portland 

Hotels -Newberg

  • The Alison (it’s millions, and we did not stay there)
  • The Holiday Inn Express– Say what you want, but it had everything I needed and more, and the cinnamon rolls are Michelin worthy. 


  • Heart coffee- Classic. Get the cappuccino and your camera ready.
  • Coava– If you’re in the area (think Culver City Esque) head here for coffee meets wood. Intelligentsia vibes.