When Giggles Met Rojo. 

My expectations for my first trip to Oregon…

  1. It will be cold AF.
  2. It will be rainy and dark.
  3. I would consume an obscene amount of carbohydrates due to two the above.

But, I did not know that my dreams would come true.


I have followed @ Rojothellama for over a year.  He’s a therapy llama that goes to elderly homes, rehabilitations centers, and the occasional birthday/corporate event.

Before Rojo became reality, I encountered a variety of wildlife, while driving through Corvallis, OR.


From turkeys, to deer, to squirrels that were the size of cats, I was shocked at how animals just like roamed in the rural dark landscape.


What better to do while it rained in a dark abyss, than drink.


We explored the Willamette Valley, and had some lovely pinots which made you forget how cold it was.


On our last day and also my day of birth (so fitting) we ventured to Portland before we went to the airport.


I threw on my llama socks (thank you Mallory Sommerset) and wondered, “What is my fave llama, Rojo doing right now.

I know he lived somewhere in PNW (Pacific North West), but could there be a chance he would be in Portland?”


To get the answer, I slid into Rojo’s DMs.


Awesome so he’s pretty much in Canada I thought.

I explained the distance, and Jordan informed me the state of WA was only 15 minutes away from Portland.

There was hope.

I dm’d Rojo again and asked if I could come see him. Rojo responded yes.

It was fate.

We crossed state lines, and arrived to the coffee shop. And there…

There was Rojo.


I cried. I legit cried.

Pure magic.

On the flight home, all I could do was stare at our moments captured and look at Jordan with disbelief. “Can you believe we met Rojo?”

It wouldn’t be a birthday or a trip to the airport without someone (bouncer, TSA) looking at my license and making a comment on my appearance.


“You look better with the blonde hair.”

K, thanks and see you never.

Except maybe for some Rojo and Wine.



The greatest hits:

  • Domaine Drouhin- Go here. Just go. Don’t ask questions
  • Domaine Serene– Imagine Italian opulence in Oregon with a touch of corporate soullessness. Although, it was a beautiful place to sit, relax, and post up by an enormous fireplace with a glass of red wine.
  • Van Duzer Vineyards– Great views of the lush Oregon hills and a great spot to go if you’re deep in the Willamette Valley.