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To say I am an animal person is an understatement. I am that person who stops every dog on Montana for a meet and greet. Who cannot watch Homeward Bound or any animal movie out of anxiety (have you seen Eight Below?) who told my grandma I was buying a stuffed animal at the pet store, and walked out with a hamster.

I love animals and have had them my entire life, and now I finally have my own.


This was not an easy process. My last apartment did not allow animals, and my boyfriend never grew up with them.

Except wild ones like turkeys, deer, and foxes that roamed his rural streets in Oregon.

After months (really years) of tagging and screenshotting photos of cats, he gave in and said we could get one.

He resisted for so long.

The only way we could get a cat, was if it was a Scottish Fold because after “hours of research” this cat had “the best temperament.”

The amount of eye rolls I had during these months of conversations was exhausting.

It’s a cat.

I really went along with it because I knew Jordan was hesitant about having an animal, and my heart was missing a piece without one, so I surrendered to the breeder game, even though I have rescued cats my entire life (shout out to Socks and Boo who currently live in HP).

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You complete me Pico


Dog breeders are one thing, cat breeders are another.

Literally google cat breeders LA and see what comes up. So bizarre and questionable.

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We found a company in El Segundo, and met our perfect angel Pico.

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We might as well have had a baby shower for her with the amount of gifts we received, and visitors we had within the first month.

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While a cat is independent, Pico is still a big responsibility. I would randomly say to parents:

“I have a new appreciation for you and what you do.”


“Because I have a cat.”

I can only imagine their horror over the comparison I made.

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I could go on about how much I worship Pico, but what I’ve learned from my new life as #catmom or really animal parent is:

  1. Make sure that you are able to hang out with the pet. There’s no point in having one if you’re unable to have quality time.
  2. Be thankful for the Godparents and the Grandparents . We travel every other weekend for a wedding, so having the them babysit is a life saver.
  3. Cherish every moment. Even when she destroys our furniture or my shoes, I still smile and feel so lucky to have her in my life.

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