Soul Cycle

I credit Soul Cycle to my success.

Well not so much now, but I believe it launched me to the place where I am and gave me confidence that I never knew I had.

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I wasn’t an athlete in high school.

I attempted physicality while being a cheerleader, but failed to continue the peppiness from JV after I didn’t make varsity.

To say I was a devastated was an understatement. #despair

I just wanted to be like Britney: Doing back handsprings in the quad with my pink sports bra and ponytail because I have so much energy.


Fast forward to post college, (the awkward stage after graduation) I decided to try this trendy spin class called Soul Cycle.

After class one I was hooked. I loved how it was a positive environment that pushed you to be your very best.

I started going three times a week, (and at my peak would go 5) and fell in love with the challenge while dancing along to all of my fave music-All while losing weight.


Soul has evolved over the past few years, and has less of an emphasis on the meditation (at least the class I go to), as well as lost a bit of its Soul with their rapid growth and expansion of studios, but I still go 2/3 times a week.

After my six years of classes, my takeaways that I often repeat daily are:

  1. Everything is temporary.
  2. Don’t stop.
  3. And get the Fu*k up.

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I also go through stages of, holy hell I am going to pass out, and this is physically impossible, but mid class my mascara morphs into war paint and I am ready for another 20 minutes in this dark room.

 Now at 29, you can find me being the person I always tried to be in high school: wearing my pink sports bra, exerting energy, dancing to some pop song.

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