Cotswolds Quest

My boyfriend who is now an international traveler, had business in London, so I the duchess of discounts and deals, decided to tag along.

Discount Duchess

We decided to be adventurous and visit the Cotswolds before arriving to London.

The Cotswolds are a series of small picturesque old storybook towns located about two hours outside of London.

It was funny, when I described the Cotswolds to people- half knew what they were, and the other, were like, “what is that?”

My response- “It’s like the Hamptons are to New York. You’re remote but still have chicness, yet a charming atmosphere.”

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I had asked for reccommendations from the half who knew of the Cotswolds, and was referred here, and also to Soho Farmhouse.

I resisted the Farmhouse with my thought process being, “we live in LA , why would I drive to the middle of the english countryside for a scene?”

Now I know why.

We landed, in Gatwick and began our quest.

Post landing, we were both disoriented with poor Jordan having to drive on the right side of the road, which let me tell you was stressful AF.

As we passed grass pastures with sheep, I began to dream of scones and sleep and passed out on our way to our hotel.

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I awoke to us driving through the most picturesque town, and realized how smart I was to take us out to the countryside.

When we pulled up to our hotel, I felt like the person in the commercials.

You know, where you feel like you’ve finally won.

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Booking. Yeah.

We pulled up to the circular driveway at Lords of the Manor, and were blown away. It was gorgeous, and we were in… A MANOR! From the 1600’s!

The lobby was precious, but as soon as we started to go to our room and the floors started creaking, I knew we were in trouble.

 I’ll menton that Jordan likes everything to be new/modern, whereas I love quaint and worn.

We entered our room, which was the best room in the manor and I could tell Jordan was a bit horrified.


It was a countryside room with a countryside heating system.

I was just so happy to be there, and they left us cookies in our room.

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How could you not be thrilled?

Did I mention the cookies tasted like pure butter?

We headed straight to the bar.

The bar had no music, one bartender, and us. It was the size of a living room.

Little did we know the silence in common areas would be a theme of the trip.

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We drove to a little town for dinner, and as soon as I stepped out of the car in my Zara coat, realized what an enormous packing mistake I had made.

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I may have gotten a deal on the coat, but I would pay the price for not bringing a Patagonia to Europe.

I honestly should have packed like I was going to the Everest basecamp.

We ended up splitting some type of fatty pork dish, a bottle of wine, and passing out to the sound of wind whistling through our 400 year old manor bedroom.

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