Our full day in the Cotswolds began with a silent breakfast in the dining room of our hotel.Processed with VSCO with au1 preset

We of course were not silent (I guess that’s why they refer to us as loud Americans) and were so confused by the lack of noise.

Even the waiters spoke in hushed tones if only to interrupt and disturb the other THREE people in the dining room.


We began our day of exploring with castle ruins 20 minutes from our hotel manor.

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We hopped out of the car and ran to the ticketing office.

Ran because it was so cold.

When I say I’ve never been this cold in my entire life, I have never been this cold in my entire life.

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It was SO bone chillingly windy.

Did I mention the castle ruins were outside? LOL.

It was incredible seeing the ruins, and fun fact, it is the only private residence where a queen is buried.

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When we got to the car, I was frozen and starting to feel under the weather.

Expectation: Our plan was to go to Bourton on the Water and have lunch at a bakery, and eat our bready sandwiches as the creek passed by with the sun shining down upon us.

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Reality: Instead, we ran to the restaurant and the patio was closed because it was FREEZING.

We may not have gotten our creek moment, but we did meet some lovely people. They were so friendly and kind!

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Part of going to the Cotswolds is walking around and exploring all of the small towns. Another fun fact-Many of the streets are very narrow, as they used to herd sheep down them.

I was a sheep that needed to be herded into a pub.


 I guzzled some wine at 11am looking like Rudolph the red nose reindeer. Because it was so cold, all outdoor activities were cancelled.

Not really knowing what to do, we stopped by a liquor/wine store that was like a more intimate Bevmo with a Costco aesthetic, and ended up sampling some wines and chatting with the Cotswold locals.

We returned back to the manor, and relayed our frozenness to my mom.

“Lisa. You’re being dramatic.” Classic carms minimizing my feelings.

Just as we were about to hop off phone, I had my feeling of being right, and switched to facetime.

The rain was gone and instead there was snow.

It was so cold, IT SNOWED.


Giggles was satisified and enjoyed my silent dinner with a feeling of victory.



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