Here’s what you know:

My wedding was postponed due to the Coronavirus.

What you don’t know:

Why I am so motivated to get married ASAP, and why postponing sent me into the darkest spiral.

No, I am not pregnant, but time is not on my side here.

There are many reasons that we are not getting married somewhere exotic or destination-ish (Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Cabo, etc.)

Let’s start from the beginning: You know that this happened.

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March 13, 2019

We got engaged in Paris and it was perfect. Unbearably cold, but perfect.

It was off to the races to find a venue, but most important, find a local venue.

Why you may ask?

My dad is 88-years old and has Parkinson’s disease.

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He’s the funniest guy I know, (sorry Jordan) and can still totally hang, drink margs, make fun of you, the usual.


But, like I said, time is not on my side here. I’ve watched my Dad rush onto a jet ski in Cabo when I was 13, to seeing him barely be able to pick up a spoon for a meal.

Besides marrying Jordan, the goal here is really to have him be able to walk me down the aisle.

We were v concerned that April 2020 was cutting it close (even though he’s totally chill FYI), so when we started to realize that Corona was taking over, I really went into the fetal position for that reason and obviously many others.

You’ve seen the
Instagram story of me slowly going into despair with the postponement.

For those who have not, here are the Sparknotes:.

*I’d like to also mention that it was pouring rain, which added a layer of melancholy to the sequence of events.


 I get a call at 10am from my wedding dress shop. “We are closing the store for 2 weeks. Our seamstress has a fever and is getting tested today. You can leave your dress here and do alterations on 3/26 and 3/28 or you can come pick up your dress. The dress is not finished though. There are open seams.”

 I looked like a sad wet rat (British accent of a “very sad handwritten book) when carrying dress out of store. No umbrella. They were so nice and really shocked that this was happening.

Cried in car.

Cried at home.

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Friday-Quarantine day 1

Cried twice, drank too many bottles of red wine, and margs.

Saturday- Quarantine day 2

Woke up hungover. Went to Descanso Gardens to see the cherry blossoms. It was raining. There were no cherry blossoms.

Cried twice


Sunday- Quarantine day 3

Wandered aimlessly around apartment in pajamas drinking iced coffee.

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Had a call with my planner @tessalynevents and my photographer @Jennajanellerose, and discussed goals for the wedding and final details. Forced to emerge, per Jordan. Emerge, at beach.


Get second marg.


Taken by Jordan mid despair/tears

Watch CNN with marg- CDC advises all events of 50 people or more be cancelled.

Monday- Quarantine day 4

I was relieved because I did not have to make the decision and someone else (the venue) did.


Tuesday- Quarantine day 5

We managed to reschedule because of our wizard wedding planner to 8/7.

Wednesday-Quarantine day 6


Thursday- Quarantine day 7

Just when my emotions could not have been more shot, my mom told me she was exposed to someone who tested positive for the virus and had to go take the test.

Fear, not for her (sorry Carms), but for my Dad.

Saturday- Quarantine day 9

We dropped off masks for Carms in Hancock Park because the masks that she had felt uncomfortable.

Social distancing

Sunday-Quarantine day 9

Tested negative. Thank god.

Exhausted and attempting to giggle from quarantine,