It’s back. Nicole’s cancer.

And has returned with a vengeance.

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As I drove to my spray tan before Thanksgiving, my friend Lauren called me.

Lauren lives in San Francisco.

“Hey is everything ok? Melissa just sent me a cryptic text. I think it has something do with Nicole. Do you know anything?”

Immediately I dismissed.

“Nicole? Nicole is fine. Her health is fine. I just saw her on Saturday and we worked out together. She’s good. Nothing to be concerned with.”

Lauren still sounded uneasy and said ok and we hung up.

Post spray, I called my other friend Irina to catch up.

As I drove on Wilshire and Santa Monica, passing the newly posted Christmas lights in Beverly Hills, I asked if she had talked to Melissa and received a cryptic text.

Then tears.

“I don’t even know what to say.”

Me “What??? What’s wrong???!!?”

“Nicole’s cancer came back.”

Me, “No that’s not possible. She’s fine. We just worked out together on Saturday. How is this possible?”

It has returned and spread to her stomach and chest.

Immediately- anger. How, no? She just went through this. We just celebrated with an Adios Cancer Party in May and it has returned in November?

Adios Cancer party May 2019
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Adios Cancer party in May 2019

As I sped down Wilshire, the Christmas lights became blurred from the tears that started to well up.

Cancer is really fucking inconvenient… We have other things to be doing besides getting chemo, getting a port put in, and being frozen weak in a bed.


Lauren’s Bachelorette in January 2020

What has been difficult about this second time around, is that the cancer is a bit more obtuse.

My bridal shower in February 2020

Nicole had three biopsies (aka a needle in her chest) and 2/3 came back inconclusive. Which is why you are hearing about this now in February.

I feel helpless in this situation.

Nicole will share her treatment plan of receiving chemo 3-4 days in a row while staying in a hospital, followed by a 5 week consecutive stay to receive stem cell treatments, and I almost have this blank reaction.

How can this be happening?

What can I do?

Besides ask numerous questions, I usually purchase the most random gifts that I think will bring her comfort. Never forget.

There’s no good way to slice this. Nicole has an uphill battle.

This second round of treatment  will be much more intense than the last time.

She just started a new job (right down the street for me I might add), so instead of us getting Alfred coffee on the weekday, instead I will be visiting her at the hospital in Westwood for chemo treatments.

Cancer, can we not?!

My frustration and devastation continue, but in the back of my mind, I also know how strong Nicole is, and while this is going to suck, Nicole is a fighter. She also is V competitive and never lets anyone win, and that includes cancer.

Click HERE if you would like to donate to Nicole’s Go Fund Me.

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