The Royal Rebrand

I sat on the patio of my parents home on a Friday afternoon in June. 

I had stopped by post cookie & coffee at GoGetEm Tiger on Larchmont.

The best cookie in Los Angeles

They told me the venue said, “adios,” to your beachy wedding dreams.

I didn’t react, got sweaty, and honestly felt a bit faint, then decided to go home and discuss the news with Jordan. 

I cried on the car ride home. Literally grasping my Hydroflask at stop lights, tears flowed on the 10 as I discussed options with my MOH. 

“So am I just supposed to abandon this thing I’ve worked on for a year and a half?”

Here’s what everyone needs to understand about our situation—2021 was not an option for us.

Jordan came home from work. He was deflated. Concerned for my mental state, but deflated and sad. 

He’s so pragmatic that I think he really thought we were going to have it at our OG venue, but when he heard the offish news, he knew it was over.

After strategizing with Reeny (MOH) on the freeway, I had considered proposing the backyard idea to Jordan. 

We walked over to our local overpriced neighborhood Italian restaurant, Palmeri, ordered a spritz, and discussed next steps.

“I have mourned the loss of this dream since March. I always knew that we weren’t going to have the wedding there. I think we can make it perfect in the backyard.” 

He stared at me increduously. I had cried so many nights (after guzzling wine) of talking about compromsing my dream, blah, blah, blah. 

He said, “if that is what you want to do, I think it could be great. I am here for it.” 

And that was that. 

The next Summer Friday, we brought my parents to Palmeri and told them that we wanted the wedding in the backyard with bridal party and direct family only.

Owners of the new wedding venue

Carms shifted in her seat, “but what about…?” Literally she said this 600 times and I just said, “no.” 

Everything had been taken away, and life felt so out of control, but the happiness I got from planning the Royal Wedding on Rossmore was euphoric. 

Our local overpriced Italian restaurant, Palmeri

Besides our backyard being fabulous, a driving force in this decision was if I could obtain a new wedding dress. You can imagine how thrilled my Mom was when I told her about this.

If our beachy wedding was gone. So was my OG beachy/v low cut dress. 

TBT to normal wedding planning, I tried on an abnormal amount of dresses (because I am insane). I knew the exact dress I needed for the rebrand.


The Lela Rose Brighton dress that had Carolyn Bissette/royal wedding vibes that I tried on at Saks in that heinous flouroscent lighting back in June 2019. 

@saks in June 2019 trying on the Lela Rose Brighton Dress

I tried on that puppy for a trunk show that was one weekend only (wedding trunk shows=road tours of sample size gowns that travel from one department store to the next). 

I tried it on for two minutes and said “this is great, but not the vibe.” Never thought about it again, until the rebrand.

This was not like a Nordstrom purchase. I could not just order online. I sent an email the day after we declared the backyard wedding to my parents. Waited 5 minutes, then got on the phone.

I decided to call their retail store in Dallas, and a very familiar voice picked up the phone.