COVID Carbohydrates

“The wedding is happening on 9/12. Here in the backyard.” 

Jasper responded with his usual smirk and an, “ohhhkkAAaaayyyyyy.” 

Nothing really rattles him. 

Post consumption of COVID CARBS

Except when I would show up hungover, then he’s subtly pissed.

Jasper and I were friends in high school and I reached out to him pre-OG wedding for personal training.

There’s another reason why I felt inclined to use personal training rather than my sweat church of Soul Cycle, but I’ll share that at a later date.

The OG wedding bod was ready to go in March 2020.

I played the hunger games, worked out more than usual, and was ready to slide into my OG slinky low cut dress.

Then two weeks before the wedding, COVID shut us down and cancelled my wedding.

Food and wine were pain killers to my sadness.

They were the highlights of the day, because we could not do anything AND cooking was the ONLY thing that made Jordan happy for the first few months. 

Each night, it was a new Michelin worthy dish prepared by Chef Jordan:

Risotto, steak, homemade pizza. You name it. I ate it. 

I got on the scale, which was a mistake, and was shook. 

I knew I had to make drastic changes. I started working out with Jasper 2X week. 

“You can work out with me every day, but it is all about what you’re eating.” 

I eat realtively healthy, but I decided to return to Sakara Life to detox and get drastic. 

I can not recommend this program more.

Yes, some of the meals are v light.

Yes, you could potentially have a breakdown after eating lettuce for four days straight.

Yes, it is expensive AF.

However, I’ve never felt better.

I dropped weight QUICK, my skin was glowing, and I felt fabulous for the big day. 

I did Sakara for 4 weeks before the wedding. I enjoyed this because I didn’t have to think about what I was going to eat next, if it was healthy or not, and enjoyed having everything ready and prepared. The month before you’re getting married it is chaotic AF so having one less thing to worry about was great.

My Sakara life experience was drastic. If you’re a bride and want to feel great before the big day, I would recommend 1-2 weeks.