The Invitations

Lesson learned while wedding planning: stick to your guns. If there’s a vendor you want to work with, do it.

“Don’t work with someone who can imitate it, work with someone who has done it.” 

A word from my wise married friends, Cammie and Grey.

Let’s just say I learned this the hard way at the beginning of the paper process… 

By the time we got around to the invitations, it was mid-January 2020. The wedding was April 3, 2020…

Why did I procrastinate one of the most important elements for so long you may ask?

1. I had PTSD from the first paper experience we had. I do not work in a creative field, so the emails that were sent back and forth discussing fonts, image sizing, color/texture of paper were overwhelming. 

2. From September – December 2019 I was at a wedding/shower/bachelorette every weekend. EVERY weekend. I nearly had a mental breakdown in late December 2019 because I was so exhausted. 

When it was time to decide the stationer for the invites, I put my foot down with Carms. 

The only vendor I wanted to work with was Studio Luzance. 

Studio Luzance, aka Bianca, creates the most beautiful invitation suites. Her work is fab, and she specializes in maps. 

The OG wedding’s theme was classic California.

We were going to have our rehearsal dinner at the Malibu Farm, followed by the wedding, overlooking the ocean in the Palisades. Think bougainvillea, beachy, Spanish style vibes. 

What I wanted to incorporate in the invitation suite to our guests was the proximity of all of the most important places to Jordan and me. 

We met at Shore Bar. We said I love you at the Bungalow. We live in Brentwood. Our first date was in Westwood. 

All of these places are like 15 mins from each other.

My map mock up…

I connected with Bianca over the phone, shared my vision, and she understood it immediately. 

I had so much fun selecting the paper, the envelope liner, the stamps. 

I was constantly refreshing my gmail because every proof that we received was the highlight of my day. 

The invites were sent out in late February 2020. 

Then COVID happened. 

Then carbohydrates and wine happened. 

Then we decided to get married in the backyard and the royal rebrand was born. 

I didn’t want the invites to evaporate now that we rebranded. 

I called up Bianca, told her about the rebrand and asked her to create a new crest and shift some items around on the map. 

Bianca created a new hydrangea crest that we used for the menu cards and an updated suite which included the original invitation and a reconfigured map. 

Before and after
Garden inspo for the new crest
Royal rebrand backyard wedding crest and OG crest

If you’re looking for water color vibes, and the most beautiful invitation suite, reach out to Studio Luzance.