The Flowers

“I understand what you want, and we need to work with Mark’s Garden,” said my wedding planner, Tessa. 


Mark’s Garden is the premiere celebrity florist in Los Angeles.

They do every Kardashian event, every big celeb wedding, and are just straight up MEGA. 

Carms laughed when I told her. “They will not want to work with us. We are not the Kardashians.” 

Meaning that our budget was small AF compared to who they usually work with.

AKA they literally hang thousands of roses on the ceiling of ballrooms. 

We drove out to Sherman Oaks (they are based in the val on Ventura) and I really went in thinking that they were going to be pretentious. 

It was quite the opposite. 

We sat down with Michael, who now runs Mark’s Garden and he couldn’t have been nicer, more down to earth, and just a real person. 

Not pretentious AT ALL. He listened intently as I shared my beachy/Saint Tropez vibes for the OG wedding. 

The OG beachy mood board

“Oh and this is the bouqet that I want” as I held up my phone with a picture of Kate Middleton. 

“You want Lily of the Valley?” 

“Yes, the same flowers that Megan, Pippa, and Kate had.” 


Michael looked at Tessa, then back at me.

“You realize that is the most expensive flower right?”

No, but of course it is. 

That is what I wanted for the bouquet, the end. Even before the royal rebrand, I knew I needed LOTV for my bouquet.  

For the OG wedding, we were going to have a bougainvillea hopa that overlooked the ocean and multiple small arrangements on the dining tables with lots of candles. 

We had a mock up in Feburary and it was great. 

When we decided to do the royal rebrand, we brought over Tessa (the wedding planner), Jenna (the photographer), and Michael (the florist/creative director) to do a walk through of the backyard.

The trifecta of vendors.  

Michael the florist, walked into the backyard and looked amazed. “So why weren’t you doing your wedding here originally?” 

The wedding spot. My hair… Lol.

All three were in shock that I had not considered Rossmore for the OG wedding. 

The truth is, I had, but as everyone who plans a wedding knows, the guest list is always growing and having a wedding at home is tough. Meaning every plate, napkin, fork, table you need to bring in…. It is A PRODUCTION.

Before we began the walk through of Chateau de Carms and Hone, we popped some Miraval and Whispering to get the creative juices flowing. 

We started at the front door. (BTW, we were all in masks/outdoors). I felt so in control creatively, and my vision could have not have been clearer. 

Vision 1: I want an arch like the royals have when they walk into a church.

Vision 2: I want a classic green Porsche covered in pink roses.

Vision 3: I want larkspur down the aisle

My mock up. lol.

Vision 4: I want roses hanging from the trees for the ceremony

Vision 5: I want stars hanging in the tree that overlooks the pool. I want lanterns hanging in the motor court

Vision 6: For dinner, I want two long tables with small arrangements and candles running down the center. 

Vision 7: I want candles lining the pool.

Vision 8: I want the cake to be surrounded with flowers 

Carms was literally glaring and shaking her head the entire time. I could tell she was beyond stressed that we were going to be bringing in everything. 

We discussed generators, plumbing, electrical. 

The greatest thing about the royal wedding rebrand, is it was the wedding I always wanted, but could never have.

“This is going to be like Father of the Bride.”

But like an underground Father of the Bride. 

*All profesh photos were taken by the greatest photographer of all time Jenna Rose.