A day in Elay

Is it pathetic that I spend my time roaming Los Angeles for food?

I have come to the sad realization that I can no longer afford clothes in this city and have chosen to shop for food instead.

Yes, I know there is always the Forever 21’s, h&m’s, and who could forget vintage stores (I was a Melrose rat. Scary) But these days ESPECIALLY for forever, I need to have at least three Starbucks to get my adrenaline going to fight off the crowds and cluttered clothing.

I have a day at home and what do I do?Go to my fave eateries of course.

Rincon who?

Stopped on Larch and grabbed the sandwich of America: Larchmont Village Wine, Cheese, & Spirits. Order the #4 on a baguette and you will never want to go to on-deck deli AGAIN.

Vanity Fair listed Larchmont Wine & cheese as one of the best sandwiches in America. Did I mention for the past 22 years of my life, I have thought that sandwich was spelled S-A-N-D-W-H-I-C-H…


And then I succumbed to the ultimate lust:


I had an excuse for going, but will not discuss why.

I think I was fantasizing about Sprinkles because I started to follow them on twitter.

Remorse? Not quite…

“Whisper dragon and you’ll receive a free red velvet cupcake.”

Good thing I live in Tucson.Or else, well we all know why and it rhymes with cat.


The only reason why I may have over indulged or binged at home was because on my Southwest flight I discovered that there are 80 days left before the big pool parties…

If they are still happening….

AKA make it happen.

Senior year…

Therefore today won’t kill me.

I also discovered an amazing spin class at the rec which I will frequent for the next two months… Move over Gisele. Just kidding..