Young Adult

Today I am an adult.

I may not have a job or pay for things with my own money.

But I felt very adult.

Today I had lunch.


Great convo with the person across from me
Great convo with the person across from me

And not just at some random Subway in the valley, but at a chic restaurant.

There were other people there who had their iPads as dates.

I had my tuna sandwich and diet coke as mine.

After awhile, I started to feel empowered rather than timid and enjoyed my adult meal alone.

In fact, it was very relaxing.

great idea for a gift!

Silver pig at a gift store

Perhaps it was my outfit and the days activities that inspired my totally sola meal.

I had orientation for the company that I am interning for and was so nervous I nearly ran over the 1,000 tourists that lurk around  Rodeo Drive.


Why did I take this impractical over crowded street?

Because I was a crack head and was so nervous I missed the street to turn on to.


I had a great day, and ended it with a Mozza Meat ball.