Today I got my first paycheck, and man does it feel good.

I feel like that woman in the commercials when she tries to unlock a Bentley.

Yes, I did something very similar to that when I walked into Prada at the Beverly Center today.

This was me.
This was me.


Big. Fat. Mistake.

Blacked out sober mistake.

I’ve been searching for a simple, BLACK, soft leather purse all summer.

My mentality: I have money now, I can afford anything.


I saw the bag of my dreams sitting in a glass case.

I made the mistake of trying it on and realizing it was PURE PERFECTION.

Not only was it black, soft leather, and had gold hardware it but it had a zipper!!!!!!

"hello I would like to file for a loan."
“hello I would like to file for a loan.”

“How much is it,” I squawked.


Great, I’m going to jump off this floor now.

I left bagless and confused, and decided to take out my aggression with a Lil Kim song (so vintage) on my way home.

I forgot my window was half up half down.

The stare I got from the man in the SUV next to me was priceless.