‘Scuse me?

Today I was on a hunt to find an O’neill bathing suit.

I visited every surf shop in Los Angeles.

I went from Sherman Oaks, to Ventura, to Santa Monica.


I was so over today, I just wanted to go home and lay down.

As I was on my way home, I saw the paparazzi outside a store close to my house called Bleu.

I went to Bleu once, but was not into it because they had overpriced and not that fabulous clothing selection.

I saw the Mercedes white G-wagon.

I immediately thought it was my idol, Britney Spears.


I'm into it. Citrus is not my friend though.
I’m into it. Citrus is not my friend though.

It was Audrina from The Hills.

Snoozefest ’09.

So I go in, and they have some really cute stuff on sale.

I find a gorgeous bathing suit and tell the sales lady that I am going to some tropical places and if they had any cute maxi dresses.

She goes to the rack, pulls a dress, and says, “Oh it’s a two but you’re probably a four right?”

Honestly i’m not in retail, but a rule of thumb/courtesy would be to guess the persons size and go down.


But the real reason I was pissed is because sometimes i’m a four, and sometimes i’m a two.

It depends on the designer/style/If I didn’t eat fast food for a month.

Needless to say I paid for my bathing suit and stomped out.

This is how I felt.