Nice to see you again

I’m pretty sure my idol Emily Schuman thinks i’m stalking her.

The first time I ran into her, it was at my all time favorite restaurant, which I frequent about once a week, Izakaya.

“You are my idol. I read your blog everyday. I am your biggest fan,” I said as she walked out of the restaurant.


Like I was on the verge of tears, not really. But like, maybe.

So today, I met up with my friend Kayla at Izakaya for lunch.


It was packed.

I walk in looking so beat.

I was wearing gym clothes, tennis shoes, and my Arizona hat.

(Go Cats…meow!)

My new motto for the next two weeks
My new motto for the next two weeks

I walk in, and look to my left and there she is sitting there.

I read her blog Cupcakes and Cashmere everyday and I almost wanted to wave and be like, “Hey!” As if we we’re friends?

So embarrassed since, that was the place I saw her last, I sit at the sushi bar.

Kayla arrives and the first thing she says is, “Um, i’m pretty sure Emily Schuman is sitting at the front of the restaurant.”

Iced coffee from
Iced coffee from my fave lunch place in the Valley- Olive & Thyme

I told her the story of how I saw her at Izakaya for the first time.

“Ugh like of all days I am wearing my reading glasses.”

And that was the highlight of my day.


Finally saw Argo at the Arclight tonight