Oh Snap!

To all my snap friends,


There is something wrong with my phone.

Snap this
Snap this

Numerous people have text me this weekend, asking why I am taking screen shots of their food, animals, and face with tongue out photos.

I am not, nor do I have any desire to see these photos for more than 3-5 seconds.

Speaking of Oh Snap!


Today I nearly saw a brawl go down at Starbucks between a Harajuku hipster, and some random guy.

Harajuku girl got some random half-full half- ice drink.

She spilled the ice all over the table and floor.

It has arrived.Thank you Jesus!
It has arrived.
Thank you Jesus!

She went over to the bar with her spilled drink and asked the barista if he could add more ice.

This rando sitting at the bar says to the Harajuku Hipster, “Are you going to pick up the ice?”

HH: No, I am not.

Rando: Well, why not?

HH: Because I don’t have to, someone else will.

(Oh Snap)

Rando: Would you pick up the ice if it was at your house?


HH: I don’t know?!

Rando: You should go pick up the ice, because someone could slip and fall and hurt themselves.

HH: You should just leave me alone

HH (turns to barista): That guy is a freak.

I wanted to get out of there so quick I forgot to order my oats.