Hello America!

I survived this Fourth of July with flying colors.

This is my first fourth in Los Angeles since 2008, so I was expecting big things.


I’ve gone to Newport every year but decided I wanted to see what Los Angeles had to offer on America’s birthday.

I was not aware of the mass exodus from LA to Hermosa so I was very confused to why when we first arrived at the Bungalow it was deserted.

No line.

No people.


By around five it was poppin’ and normalcy was restored.

We mosied around Santa Monica, but instead of people my age, there were random 40-year-olds drinking mojitos everywhere.

This is odd because normally Santa Monica is filled with young people.

Not on the 4th of July apparently.

 I managed to get a hot dog and watched some fireworks so I consider  this holiday to be a successful one.

Snuggling with my Schmegel bop K-Mulf
Snuggling with my Schmegel bop K-Mulf

Plus, there is going to be so much happening in the next two weeks, i’m glad it wasn’t too wild.

Chicago, Vegas, and Soiree.

Holy hell I need to prepare myself.

Post-Fourth food
Post-Fourth food