B of A

My dad has decided he is “gluten” aka gluten free.

The Bungalow on Larchmont has a fabulous gluten-free menu and it’s also really close to our house.


My dad has knee problems so he told me that we should park in the Bank of America lot so the walk will be shorter, and also that he has a special “deal” with the parking attendant.

“I give him a bottle of water, and he let’s me park there for free.”

My favorite cake from Sweet Lady Jane.
My favorite cake from Sweet Lady Jane.

A bottle of water guarantees a free parking spot? Not a Starbucks coffee or a Jamba Juice, but a bottle of water.

I refuse to do this since it’s ridiculous and always find meter parking.

This was not the case yesterday.

Foggy Fourth
Foggy Fourth

I had to park at B of A since there was no parking on Larchie.

We had a good meal, and then my dad walks over to the parking attendant and gives him his leftover sandwich.

I stood there- horrified,embarassed. The usual emotions when i’m out in public with my father.

I can’t take him anywhere.