A Birthday in Vegas

I thought I was going to pass out at my Soul Cycle class this morning.

At any moment, I believed I was going to collapse and my friend Melissa would have to carry me out.

This didn’t happen, but I was near death thanks to my trip to Vegas.

The crown that cost five dollars saved us zillions on drinks.
The crown that cost five dollars saved us zillions on drinks.

When I got to LAX on friday, I found Lauren and Melissa at the airport bar… Typical

When we eventually boarded we were feeling a little giggly and “honest”  in the Southwest line.

“On a scale of 1-10 what do you think of my glasses?” said this random guy in the line.

They were HEINOUS blue plastic sunglasses.

They FINALLY had the honey roasted peanuts.
They FINALLY had the honey roasted peanuts.

“To be honest, i’d give them a 1,” I said not realizing that he expected a positive reaction.

They were blue plastic sunglasses… you asked for it dude.

Another weird moment happened.

As we started to board, Melissa and I by accident bumped into this tall man with a backpack.


We apologized and told the man we were anxious to get to Vegas.

He assumed  we were excited to go gamble our peasant money away.

“Oh no we don’t gamble,” Melissa and I told him.

“Well, you’re gambling getting on this plane, right?”


Chardonnay was mandatory after that comment.

Thanks to the five dollar crown I got from Claire’s, we didn’t have to pay for our drinks on the plane. This crown became very useful throughout the trip.

We checked into one of my fave hotels- The Palazzo.


We ventured to Light nightclub at Mandalay Bay and it was honestly one of the funnest nights in Vegas I have ever had.

The club is like a large dance party.


After getting NO SLEEP, Irina and Nicole arrived.

Night two we went to Hakassan.

I have to say, I was not a fan.


The only way I can describe it is, you know in movies when they show a scene in a club and it just doesn’t look like that much fun because they aren’t really playing music while filming?

This is what Hakassan was like.


The next morning, everyone took the 8 AM flight, while I relaxed and took the 1 PM flight.

Because I was brain dead, I didn’t plan out my time very well and nearly missed my flight.

The cab line was so long and not moving, I was forced to take a suburban that was zillions of dollars for a ten minute ride to the Las Vegas airport.

The only good part of that day was getting In n Out.


I want to give a HUGE thank you to Sara Morvay for making our Vegas trip so amazing!