Hell Exists

There is a hell, and it’s called going to IKEA hungover.

Sweet mother of pearl.

Thank god they have cones and hot dogs or else I would be curled up in the fetal position in the bed section cursing that swedish establishment.

photo 2

*Side note- Swedish Fish are made in Canada. I feel like I have been living a lie.

photo 3

After waking up like this last Sunday,

I woke up like this.
I woke up like this.

I was forced by Carms to brace Burbank and venture to IKEA. There really could not be a worse time for me to move out of my house and into an apartment.

May is the birthday apocalypse.

Every single person I know, family and friends, is born in May.

Birthday 1-Carms
Birthday 1-Carms 5/3

So on top of my social schedule being packed to the fifth, I am constantly shuffling to World Market, Target, and my fave Ikea.

Birthday 2- Chris Hovsepian
Birthday 2- Chris Hovsepian 5/3

Last Sunday, was when I was in a truly dark place. As we moved 5 MPH on the 405 North, I played Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence” on repeat. I legit played it 4 times.

photo 1

I may complain about Ikea, but there are some perks. CPK is right across the street TBT to middle school #spinachartichokedip.

Birthday 3- Lauren Kohli. 5/8
Birthday 3- Lauren Kohli. 5/8

Today I move to B-Wood to begin a new chapter and I couldn’t be more excited.

Minus the unpacking portion of course.

Stay tuned, because things are going to get weird.