In a setting that looked like the aftermath of a 21-year-old birthday party, I sat on the floor with my six friends scrolling through photos of the night before, while simultaneously picking at the birthday cake that remained untouched until the morning.


Champagne was much more appealing than Celebration Cake at 8pm.

“What should my caption be?” I said as I scrolled.

Flatly, my hungover friend Cristina said, “Old A-F.”

How endearing.


Before the cake and sly comments, there was only positivity for my day of birth, which was celebrated in three different states, as I was traveling for work.

How adult, and how weird.


I am going to refer to my age in French, since it sounds much better in this language than in English.


From an early surprise delivery at my office, to a gift at my hotel room in Chicago, I felt very #blessed with my increased age.


Thank you to the W Hotel for sending a complimentary bottle of wine to my room at 12:30pm on 12/3.


While I could not drink the bottle (I am vingt-six, not 21), I did enjoy the idea of drinking wine while staring out the window at the Christmas lights on Michigan Avenue.


However, this was not a reality, since I ended up being sick with a sore throat and not able to finish even a glass of red wine at my day of birth dinner. I thought about requesting tea instead of wine.


When I told my friends this, they gasped.

I did eat the ice cream though...
I did eat the ice cream though…

I OD’d on some Vitamin-C and hopped on a plane back to LA.


Since I am old A-F, I cancelled my 70’s themed party, and opted for the next best thing:

Sitting, drinking, and eating at a French wine bar.


Since my Farrah Fawcett fantasy was destroyed, I scurried to Montana Balloon for some decoration$ to put something together last minute.

I will say that my “party” and my week was everything I could’ve wanted in more in a vingt-six b-day.


Thank you to all of my friends and family for making me feel so special on my day of birth.

Also, thank you to the pharmacist at the CVS on Hubbard, and whoever created those inedible, yet curing Vitamin-C tablets.


Lastly, I don’t know whether to thank or hate my friend Sean, who sent me to a Tiki bar in El Segundo after I asked for a bar recco near LAX for a friend with a lay over.

The Tiki bar, did not have cake, but they did have chips for purchase.

HBDAY over CHDNAY and Doritos.