New Year…

New Year, new me.



Still the same overeating, neurotic human I was in 2015.


Besides ringing in the New Year with my Myspace Top 8 (really top 10), I indulged in an oversized luxury vehicle (Uber XL) at 1:30am #mistake #peasant, and enjoyed my favorite meal to start off #cleaneating2016…



Taco Bell.

No silly, I didn’t #livemas on 1/1/16! I instead enjoyed farm fresh courses in the ‘Bu.

But I did on 1/4/16 on Monday, after returning back to work.

Am I upset that I Lived Mas on a Monday?


Bachelor Monday?

No, because I’ll go die for 3 days in a spin class to pay for my love for Mexican cuisine.

These were purchased on 12/31/15. They are still sitting in my fridge. Unopened…

Someone asked me, “What are you looking forward to in 2016?”

I will tell you…


I have never complained so much about the weather as I have in the past month of this Antarctic temperature.

The last time I had central heat was over Christmas at my family home with my two cats. #luxury

So much so, I bought a $pace heater at CV$.

I could spend my $48.00 on plenty of other useful items.


-Make up wipes

-Cleaning supplies



Not a total waste, since the El Nino has been lurking around.

I am looking forward to heat in my desert oasis.

I saw this while waiting in the drive thru line at Taco Bell. I nearly choked on my Crunchwrap.

While it won’t be The Parker Hotel, hammock swinging, spiked lemonade drinking, heat life I truly desire, I am looking forward to Coachella and basking in the sun.

Especially after the line up was announced on Monday.

Let’s not forget my moment with Calvin Harris back in 2014. #TBT