Last Minute Aloha

It started with a call, which turned into a flight.


Pre #lastminutealoha lyfe, my MDW plans consisted of me consuming countless margs at the JC, with my $80 “Yes Way Rosé” towel, which I purchased by accident at the Summer Water event I attended last Saturday.


Yes, I bought another overpriced towel, and yes I am feeling remorse.



Also on my MDW list, was nibbling on avocado toast at the Groundwork$ on Montana Ave.

Montana turned into Maui in 48 hours.


What is lyfe?

As we hustled from LAX to Kahului, disaster occurred.

No, it was not the “non-credible” bomb threat, which did leave us stranded the tarmac for 45 minutes…

It was my breakfast, shattering on the tile floor of the terminal.


Parfait, party of none.

Mahalo, LAX.

What was ironic about our trip, is that we had a faux tiki experience at Duke’s in Malibu last weekend.


The Mai Tais were much better on the island, than they were off of PCH.

We arrived to humidity, which was my heaven after the below 60 winter we had in Los Angeles.


Hawaii is not like Cabo.

Slower pace, and much more relaxed.


Perhaps it was because we subbed tequila for rum,

but I was literally low key Lahaina child by day two.


According to Carms, because my trip was so last minute, I “didn’t have time to be neurotic beforehand,” so I set simple goals without reading a guide book.

As you can see, most of my goals reflect my lifestyle choice of overeating, which I did often on this trip.

The food and fish were so fresh, that I didn’t even gasp when a tuna glared at me as it was placed before me on the sushi bar.


JK, except that I did.


We went to so many eclectic restaurants and cafes.


Java Jazz, Miso Phat, and Leilani’s were wonderful, and each one had its own signature flare that made it a great and memorable experience.



My favorite place was Merriman’s.


Mai Tai. To. Die.

Forget chu Nobu!

We ate, we snorkled, and we also got sunburned.


Jordan was a lobster by day four.


I would like to think it was the Hawaiian sun gods, praising J and me, for jumping off Black Rock, instead of what probably happened with our Mai Tai paralyzing us from responsibility.


Mahalo,  Glenn and Sheila for making my first Maui trip one that I will never forget!