“Hello, it’s me.

I walked out of the Adele concert with Carms frustrated and confused to why she did not play my favorite song of all time (Hometown Glory).


As we drove away from the Staples parking lot, I scrolled through videos of the miracle I had witnessed in DTLA, and there I found,

“Hometown Glory.”


I was too excited for the first three songs, to even take in what was happening.

There are actually no words to describe the Adele concert.

Or memories apparently, since I literally stood there so overwhelmed with my mom, clutching my pinot noir, staring at what was happening with awe.


It was the best concert I’ve ever been to.

The Spice Girl reunion tour was epic and nostalgic…

But this was the definition of emotions.
Growing up, I went to every Britney Spears concert, and remember observing that no one danced when she performed.


Everyone just stood still to Britney’s upbeat songs watching her.

At Adele, people sang, but really, everyone just listened.

No one moved to get up and get a glass of wine, afraid they would miss one of her eighteen songs.

Carms was too busy on her Instagram to chat with me before the concert.

Everyone (this is my opinion) stood and remembered, to how they felt whenever they listened to the song she sang.

So sui, right?

If you have the chance, find that ticket, and go.

The shirt was overpriced, the concert was priceless

You will not regret it, but try to Bear Down, get a grip, and try to not sob during the first three songs.