Lurking in London

My itinerary in London revolved around seeing the royals. I was not going to let this happen ever again.

One of the instagram accounts (@sussexstylewatch) informed me that the royal family would be at Westminister Abbey for the Commonwealth Ceremony on Tuesday.

I knew exactly how I was going to spend my first day in London- While Jordan was in meetings, I would be there behind the barricades waving a British flag in awe of the presence of Kate.

However, my Zara coat had consequences, and I started to get sick as we left the Cotswolds.


On Monday, I got some random meds on the way to London (in Oxford of all places) and really wished that I had some type of DayQuil.

We arrived to the hotel in London and it was lovely. I hopped in bed and decided to have some tea and flip on the tv.

There were the royals. In Westminister Abbey.

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Oh well.

The #intlbf returned and jostled me to get out of bed for dinner.

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We attempted Dishoom, and I say attempted because I was on my British meds with tissues stuffed in my petite bag.

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Tuesday arrived, and I was not well.

I tried to get out of bed a few times, and just couldn’t.

As I lay there sniffling and congested, I also thought in the back of my mind, if I were to get engaged, it would have happened by now.

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The safe was filled with only our passports, (yes, I glanced from afar, wouldn’t you?) and thought if there was a ring, Jordan would 100% put it in the safe. On the other hand, the next leg of the trip was in France, and Paris is my place.

As I lay with my tea, I realized I should prepare…Just in case.

I took my random British meds, grabbed the hotel umbrella, and headed out for a manicure.

The nail salon I went to conveniently had a drybar-esque business attached to it, so I thought why not! Ya know, just in case…

Got the hair blown out, and was asked to come back in an hour for the manicure.

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Great, I’ll run and get more British meds and tissues. I walked. Found some meds. Got lost. And then it started to pour. Like buckets. I did what the locals did and ducked into a shop to escape from the rain.

 Now this all sounds pretty pathetic, but at the time, I was not feeling well, looking like a wet cat post downpour and was just so frustrated and really not feeling well.


I found an Uber who returned me to the nail salon.

My entrance was like that of a rom com film.

I walked up the staircase, threw my oversized hotel umbrella into the already full bucket, and announced to the entire salon, completely exasperated “I literally do not understand how you guys live here. This weather is absolutely miserable.”

Blank stares.

Whatever, I got my nails fixed.

In my sickness, I decided to be extra ambitious and grab tea with my London friend, Erica.

Sniffles and Sudafed in tow, we had a great time at Fortnum and Mason.



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Tea: Fortnum and Mason

Nails/Drybar-esque Salon: Duck & Dry