Oh Hi, Ojai

We started at McDonald’s in Agoura;

With a baby fry, sweet & sour, and multiple Diet Cokes.

It felt so right. Old habits die hard when I am with my college friends.

I wish they served rosé at McDonald’s because I was in desperate need of a bottle.

The bach itinerary was v low key:

  • Friday: Pool and Dinner
  • Saturday: Horseback riding, wine tasting
  • Sunday: Pool

The end. One outfit to pack (wine tasting). What a relief/gift.

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I decided to Rent and ordered the most ADORABLE ON BRAND FOR WINE TASTING dress there ever was.


 I also ordered a foolish bag I would never buy, but decided it also went with my Ojai/wine/picnic theme.


I went to West Elm on Main Street as that is where they directed me to pick up the dress.

“Your dress was never delivered. There was an issue with the garment.”

“But the app says it was delivered at 8pm last night?” I pleaded as I desperately held up my screen hoping that it would validate that the dress was hidden somewhere in the three story West Elm.

“We can refund you, and… “ I just zoned out because I knew what I had to do.

Starving and in despair, I raced to Starbucks to inhale a breakfast sandwich (#RFTB), started choking on it when I entered an overpriced boutique that is meant for housewives to shop at mid day, and blacked out and bought a dress.

This all happened before 11:30am on Friday.  All before I had to pick up the squad at LAX and hustle to Ojai by 1pm.

Send help and send wine.

4:30pm After 3.5  hours in the car, 2 sing alongs of Senorita, we arrived at the Ojai Valley Inn for Becca’s bach.

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Since I couldn’t have my rosé fix at Mcd’s we all headed to the pool, suitcases in tow for some much needed Whispering Angel.

Becca the Bride began to cry and share how overwhelmed she was that we were all there.

This was unusual, because we refer to Becca as ice box because she is not that warm and fuzzy let alone sentimenetal.

I knew something was awry, but it was too hot and I was too focused on finding the wine and shrugged it off.

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7:00pm As we headed to the uber pick up for our 7:15pm off campus dinner, we got a call that, “the bride was missing.”


7:03pm the bride had been found. But hair and and make up were not done.

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We ended up having dinner by that iconic Ojai tree all while giggling in the dark with martinis.

More senorita sing alongs, smores, and rose and the group was done for night one.


The morning was rough.

Everyone was hungover, yet motivated for our time on the trail (horseback riding).

On our way to the car, my squad shared a breakfast sandwich (it was not a #RFTB, more like equivalent to the bacon gouda) and orderd Diet Cokes and americanos in an attempt to survive. Multiple bevs… classic hangover move.

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Saturday mood: Swollen and in desperate need of hydration

On our way to horseback, there was pure silence with the occassional chug of water.

Everyone getting on the horse in 100 degree heat, while extremely hungover was so comical.


There was no laughing because we were too hungover and also low key scared.

On the trail, our guide shared that a rattlesnake had fallen from a tree recently and nearly tried to attack her horse.


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It was a pretty silent trot, as everyone was holding on for dear life while praying no rattlers would appear.

After surviving the trail, we celebrated with a plethora of room service, wine tasting, and a mega dinner by the iconic Ojai tree, and more martinis & giggles.

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We had the best time celebrating our Bride Becca, and cannot wait for her desert wedding in December.