The Vail Venue

Another weekend, another wonderful wedding!

We departed LAX to Denver to drive to Vail for my cousin Will’s wedding.

Jordan had some work things to attend to, so it was just me and Carms.

What a dynamic duo.

I am Carms’ muse

As we deplaned in CO a woman with a southern accent stared at me and Carms with confusion.

“Where do you girls think you’re going? The Arctic? It’s 80 degrees.”

Yes, I was in my sheep, and Carms was in her fur, but we were going to Vail, and anything that could be below 70 degrees calls for this attire.


That’s not the only incident that raised eyebrows on the plane.

A kind man was helping Carms down with her luggage when she turned to him and said “you think you’re stronger than me?”

Cringing and needing a cocktail.

Macho woman

We began the tedious drive out to Vail, filled with traffic and zero cocktails.

There was Chick-Fil-A though.

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We entered our room at the Four Seasons, and I sighed.

It was so romantic.

The fire, the view, the robes, the Nespresso pods!

I was very sad that Jordan was not able to attend.

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Be in the hot tub in 5.

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 8.59.02 PM

I think Carms felt bad for me, which is why she encouraged me to order my over priced sweet treat from room service.

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I woke up feeling hungover, but determined to work out.

This may have been a mistake.

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We hit the gym, scurried to lunch, and went to get ready for the ceremony.

The ceremony was on top of a mountain, and could only be accessed by taking a gondola.

After exiting the gondola you walk around 7 mins to the ceremony area.

So basically you’re out there with major nature vibes.


I suddenly got v Ill and was v concerned about going to the top of this mountain.

I don’t know if it was the altitude, or the rogue Caesar salad I ate, but things were no bueno.

It was actually one of the best Caesar’s I’ve ever had, so I can’t blame the salad. 

Luckily I was healed by the ceremony but it got a little dicey for a second.

It was truly comical to see our family get on and off the gondola in heels.

There was lots of swearing involved.


The ceremony was absolutely beautiful.

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All was well on the mountain, until the wind kicked up.

I couldn’t feel my hands for 45 mins post ceremony.

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This was the arctic and I should have brought mittens.

The reception was warm and delightful with Chardonnay and scallops that I inhaled.

Congratulations to Lily and Will!

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Frozen Pt. II

Regained feeling in my hands,